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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

25 Reasons That I Love Crochet

25 Reasons I Love Crochet

1. Crocheting keeps me sane. (I am still sane, aren’t I?)

2. Crocheting helps keep my hands/fingers from “freezing up”

3. Crocheting will help me keep the use of my hands/fingers longer.

4. Crochet has been my first-craft-love since I was a child.

5. It makes me happy.

6. I love the expressions on children’s faces when I give them a finger puppet, Amigurumi, bloodshot eyeball hacky sack.

7. I love the happiness that some people express when I give them something crocheted.

8. Crocheted items that I give to charity helps those who are less fortunate keep warm in the colder times of the year.

9. It helps keep me from snacking so much~

10. Crocheting makes me happy.

11. It constantly amazes me that one can pick up a length of string and turn it into a useable, enjoyable work of art.

12. I love crochet because I can use a pattern, alter a pattern, or make up my own pattern to create something useful, funny, fun, and always beautiful.

13. It’s a good use of those plastic grocery bags, for WIP’s and to strip into Plarn and crochet with.

14. I am never bored.

15. Rainy days? Love ‘em. More time to create something with yarn~

16. Socks, lots and lots of lovely socks that FIT!

17. I love crochet because it gives me something useful to do now that my physical activities are so limited.

18. It makes me happy to know that after I am gone, a part of me will still be with my family and friends.

19. My cats love the beds and toys that I crochet for them.

20. My daughter’s cats and dogs love the beds and toys I’ve crocheted for them.

21. I love using and wearing the things that I’ve crochted.

22. I love crochet because it’s an art form that I can teach to others.

23. I love crocheting because it gives me a reason to buy more yarn, especially yarn that’s on sale!

24. I love knowing that I carried on a craft/art that women in my family have done for generations.

25. I love that my daughter crochets, and her daughter crochets. Two more generations of Hookers.

This is the last four generations of Hookers at a church sponsered Mother's Day Tea~

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