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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas - a Time of Things and the Thoughts of Loved Ones

This is a wreath that our daughter made for me.  It has raffia, toy cat jingle bells, and fabric with cat motiffs.

She makes these in any theme, and they are prettier than my feeble effort at photo taking can show.

The photo on the right, is the dear granddaughter of my best friend.  She is wearing a furry batwing shawl that I made.  Her hair is all tossled because she had just woken up, but insisted that her photo had to be made right now~
    Isn't she a darling?

This is my Dad, whom I miss terribly.  He was a true "Southern Gentleman"

No matter how old I manage to get, I will still want to be able to talk with him and get one of those loving Daddy Hugs~

And this is my Mother, whom I also miss horribly.  She was a wonderful, loving woman, who always had time to listen to me, really listen, and I truly miss being able to chat with her. 

She had hugs ready when I needed them, as well as a good solid proverbial kick in the butt when I needed that~

For us, the holidays are always a time of happiness, as well as remembering those we have lost.  And especially a time to be thankful for those we still have with us~

1 comment:

Jana said...

You are lucky to have had such wonderful parents. I lost my mother in December 1997. We weren't close, but I still miss her.