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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My latest finished crochet object - now in my Etsy store

* * * * * This is Pinkie Pain Drain * * * * *

Pinkie is a Loctollipop, she looks like an octopus but is a Sucker for pain!

She helps those of us with chronic pain, by easing our pain. Of course one has to believe that Pinkie can do her job, before she is able to.
Pinkie sits nearby, so she can keep her pearlized eyes on us, and using UPS, ummm I mean ESP, she does her best to drain the pain from our bodies, leaving us relaxed and contented.
Pinkie is an Animagurumi and her body is approximately 3" tall. She is NOT approved by the AMA nor by the FDA. But I have great faith in her.

DISCLAMER: Pinkie Pain Drain is only an Amigurumi. She is NOT a medical device, and other than being cute and relaxing to hold and look at, I make no claims about her powers of healing.  Well, she does make one smile, and helps us to remember that others care about us.  Those things alone help us feel better~

Pinkie is for sale at my Etsy shop;
There will be other pain & depression critters as time and energy permit~

If you are a fellow sufferer of chronic pain, visit our group, Chronic Stitchers, on Ravelry - - -

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