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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wanted: one memory, in good condition

If you know where I can get  a good memory that is still in good condition, please contact me!

This morning I took some things I'd crocheted to town, for the DFACS unit that handles the children who have been removed from their homes for their safety.  Ten of the Purple Best Buds, and at least that many of the OctoGottcha/Loctollipops, and a few other assorted items.

Did I take a photo of any of them before leaving them in town?  No, of course not.  I've been meaning to get photos for days, but kept forgetting.  I swear that soon I'll have to wear two tags every time I leave home . . .
   One with my name on it, worn upside down so I'll know who I am;
   The other with the words, "If you find me, please return me to . . " and my address or phone number where there's someone who will come get me.

Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas?  I've tried to be a good girl. heh, heh, hehehehehehe~~~


Marie Anne said...

I do that all the time!

Just this week I sent my son a scarf and of all things not to get a picture of, that was it. I'm hoping he'll model it for me and take a pic, as he's a handsome fell and has done some modeling, and also has good camera equipment.

Merry Christmas!

Stitch 'n Frog said...

I hope he will too! And hope that you will share it with all of us~

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas with all things good . . . and lots of yummy new yarn!