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Friday, October 14, 2011

This girl will go far in life!

A while back I got an Etsy PM from a teenage girl, asking if I would give her one of my crocheted dogs for her little brother, for free. In return she said that she would make a video showing the dog and telling who made it.

I could not resist her attitude and enterprise.  So of course I send one to her.

Well, the video is up, it’s HERE if you want to watch it.

She’s a really cute girl and with her brains & go-get-em attitude, I think she’ll go far in life. So go see what all Jessica has on her You Tube account. She may have reviewed something you would like too~

The blue dog in this photo is the one I sent to her.

1 comment:

Cherelynn said...

Ok-Jessica is beautiful and those dogs are pretty cute! No match for Kommando Kat though!