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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I will not -

1. I will not stuff crochet & knitting supplies in every corner of my house, including yarns, threads, hooks, patterns, books, totes, and needles.

2. I will not keep 14 projects going at one time.

3. I will not have more than 4 UFOs.

3. I will not buy more yarn, thread, hooks patterns, books, totes or needles when I have a ton at home.

4. I will not let my crocheting & knitting space look like a condemned area.

5. I will not relegate the kitchen table to needlework.

6. I will not stock up on more crocheting supplies just because they are on sale.

7. I will not let my crochet or knitting distract me from making dinner, cleaning house, laundry, playing with kids, playing with husband, etc.

8. I will not stay up all night crocheting & or knitting.

9. I will not buy every crochet or knitting magazine I see.

10. I should not make promises I cannot keep.

-An adaptation from the The Thread Web newsletter from the Vancouver Guild Of Embroiders

1 comment:

Cherelynn said...

Amen! I will more pink lip gloss, more mascara when I have 3 tubes open right now, I will not be a makeup junkie! :)