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Thursday, January 19, 2012

OctoGottcha vs Loctollipop

When this critter was first designed, its name was Loctollipop.  However due to people not being able to say or remember the name, they now are OctoGottchas.  Octo because they look like an octopus.  And Gottcha because if they are placed on your head, even for an instant, they've "Gottcha" brain!

Recently, in getting ready for a craft show in April, I made the batch below.  The bodies of the ones above are about 4" tall, while the ones below have a body only about 2" tall.  They are the perfect size to give as surprises to the kids that come up to my table, or to children while I'm "out & about".  They are especially helpful when at the doctor's office, given to a child who is frightened or miserably sick.  For some reason ( I can't figure out why . . . LOL ) the thought of sucking the brains out of someone, then putting those brains in their own heads, seems to brighten even the most ill child ~:o)  Sure wish I'd have thought of them when my own children were young!

The pattern is currently on sale in my Etsy store~ Stitch 'n Frog at Etsy

1 comment:

Cherelynn said...

These are pretty cute! Though, at first glance, I though they were toilet paper roll covers. You know-for where to hide the spare roll? Keep up the good work!