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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm not suppose to be here . . . .

I'm not suppose to be here, blogging, today.  I am suppose to be putting the fnishing touches on a hat for a client.  This adorable hat -
It's from Fussy Gussy and the pattern is not hard, it's just me~

For some reason, it is kicking my butt!  Granted sometimes I need a good swift kick in the butt to get me moving, but this darling hat is really beating me badly!  I am using the same colors that Fussy Gussy used, and it is just too cute for words.  Maybe when it's done I can make more of them without cringing at the thought, but I think I'll take a break for a little while . . . maybe~

Granted I had to take time out to make a set of Counting Fish since the lady pre-paid, but this hat should have been finished ages ago.  I am planning to get it off to it's new home this week.  Maybe I can get hubby to buy me a pecan waffle breakfast on Friday after getting his INR (blood thickness test) if I get the hat done and ready to mail . . . Those waffles are Yummy!

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