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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do you ever want to keep an eye on someone?

If so, now is your chance!  To win the pattern for my Bloodshot Eyeball, so you can keep an eye on someone, AND a pattern for my OctoGottcha, leave a comment and a winner will be randomly chosen Monday morning.

The Bloodshot Eyeball is a hacky sack with "blood vessels" hanging from the back of the eyeball. It is approximately 6 inches across, and when filled with synthetic fiberfill, is lightweight.

The OctoGottcha looks like an Octopus, but it steals the brain of whoever's head it is placed on. It then puts those brains into their child's head, so please warn the recepient to be very careful not to put it on an animal's head, because he/she will then be given animal brains by their OctoGottcha!

And we don't want to find our children out chasing cars or sprinkling on water hydrants!

A Winner will be chosen early monday morning~


Joan Robertson said...

Ooh yes please , there's loads of people I'd like to keep my eye on ,, great giveaway Thankyou

Dannie-K118 said...

Those are so cool.

Stitch Around said...

If only I knew about it sooner!!! I love the eye!!!!

Connie Leake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Connie Leake said...

I haven't crocheted in 20 years and my first project is the spiderman afghan, but somehow one peak is smaller and another one is way bigger than it is suppose to be.. I guess it is a work in progress. I hope the next one I make I can keep it correct..