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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heated bed for cats & dogs

Our two cats are now ten years old.  One of them has arthritis issues, and can be quite testy when she is in pain.  We did not want to medicate her for the pain, due to side-effects of arthritis meds.  Whether human or critter, they can cause stomach problems.

So we tried a cat bed that is heated.  In fact, we bought it from Amazon, and it's the one in  the side-bar.

She was a bit leary of it when we first got it, so I put one of her kitty blankets in it.  Within a very few minutes she got into the bed and took a nap.

When she got in the bed, she had been limping and grumpy all day.  When she got out of the bed after a lengthy nap, she was no longer limping and was in a "Happening" mood.  When they have a Happening, they are bouncy, and full of mischief.  They run, chase dust motes, play with their toys, and in general they entertain us.

Within a day, our other cat wanted to give the bed a try too.  But #1 cat said in no uncertain terms, No Way!  So another bed was ordered and gratefully received a few days later.  As soon as I unpacked it, I put one of #2 cat's kitty-blankets in it.  Peace again!  Now both girls spend their naps in their beds, sometimes alone, sometimes together.  And our Lucy cat seldom limps nowadays, even when I'm hurting due to a weather front moving through the area.

I really do love the beds, and highly reccommend them for any cat or dog with arthritis.  Or any elderly cat/dog even when healthy.  Like us, they tend to get cold easier as they age, and the beds are a blessing for them.

Happy Cats = Happy Us!

If you buy, or have already bought a heated pet bed, please let me know about your experience with yours.  I sincerely hope that your furbies love theirs as much as ours do~

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