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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Knitting foray into Cables

I have just "found" and love his work.  Seeing his cable scarf prompted me to put this photo up;

While this is not a good photo, it was my first attempt to knit anything complicated.  And to me, this fit the bill.   It is in size XL for my husband.  I did this while living in MO, but now we live in south Georgia where we seldom can wear wool.

And this is the "matching" sweater for myself, that I did next.  It was so warm & snuggly, yet I seldom get the chance to wear it now.  Usually our winters are just too mild.  Tho the winter of '09-'10 did give me the chance a couple of times~
Unfortunately my hands no longer like Knitting, so I am confined mostly to crochet.  Have recently bought the book "Knit One, Purl Two in Crochet" and hope that will fill the missing spot in my yarning enjoyment~ ~ ~

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Kelly said...

Wow - beautiful!!