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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A new Science Fiction eBook

A new eBook by Wm F. Hogsten  available on Amazon~
In the early days of space exploration there was no empire or great society, there were only people, lots of people who were just trying to eke out a living, or just wanted to see what was out there. Some went out in small groups, but most went out in colony ships. At first there was much isolation brought on by the distance between various outposts and colonies. Some colonies survived many did not, those that survived grew thrived, those that didn’t often died in a brutal manner, rarely was there a rescue. It was not due to anyone’s lack of caring it was just that by the time anyone found out about the danger the colony was in, it was generally already too late and by the time some rescue party got there, there was no one to rescue.

In medieval times, surfs and town’s folk had their castles for protection. In the old West, on the frontier, the pioneers had military forts. As pioneers moved out into space the same was required for them as had been for other pioneers of the past. As in the past this task fell to the military. It did not matter that the military was an inadequately trained nor had the funding for this enormous task, the people that were going out into space wanted some protection or they would not go, and politicians also wanted this protection so that the people would want to go into space due to the overcrowding on earth, even though most of this protection was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. These space outposts became safety zones to the various space faring Pioneers. It wasn't enough. As in the past evil preyed on the weak and defenseless. That is about to change.

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