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Saturday, June 26, 2010

PJ Damnit Day

Preface: Our daughter has had since birth, multiple medical conditions that cause constant and unrelenting pain.  Along with those, she has other medical conditions that cause her to be tired all of the time, sometimes so tired that it is an effort to simply keep breathing in and out.

Several years ago, our daughter woke up one morning hurting so badly and so exhausted, that she said, "F--k It!  I'm staying in my pajamas all day and not doing a single thing except rest!"

Thus was born PJ F-It Day, which I cleaned up to become PJ Damnit Day~

I now have them also, due to the medical conditions that caused me to retire early on disability.  Sometimes she and I have them on the same day.  Sometimes on different days.  Now and then, when she drives the hour-plus, to visit and stays overnight, we have a PJ Damnit Day together.

Those are fun days, sort of.  We sit in our PJ's, watching goofy movies on the TV, watch the four cats play, crochet, read, compute, and chat, for the entire day.  We have a very easy, simple lunch and supper, unless my DH brings take-out home for the three of us.  If we could get rid of the pain and exhaustion, those would be totally wonderful days!

What do you do on your PJ Damnit Days?

                Stitch 'n Frog                             and                  Ladybug

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