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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Afghans and OctoGottchas

I still do not have photo downloading capabilities but hope to by next Wednesday~

I've been working on several on-going WIP's - OctoGottcha creatures for the Fall Arts & Crafts fairs, Pot & Plate Pinchers (my variation of the pattern), dishcloths, potholders, etc.  And helping Wendy G with an afghan she promised a cute little girl.  I'm making most of the squares, she is making less squares but is going to assemble the afghan.

An OctoGottcha is a creature that is very mischevious.  When it's human puts it on another person's head, it sneaks out some of that person's brains, then puts them into its person's head.  Of course the human must be very careful as to who's head they choose for their OctoGottcha so that they don't accidently have dumb-brains snuck out and placed into their head.  That would be awful!  This is what some of the OctoGottchas look like, so you can be wary of anyone with one of these little guys on their shoulder . . . . . .
You should also be alert for the Hogtopus.  They behave the same way, but look a little bit different . . . . . . .
 Photos of other WIP's that are being worked on today, will hopefully be posted next week.  And all items may be purchased through my Etsy store~


Marie Anne said...

OMG these are so cute! I have GOT to give something simple in ami a try.

Don't see your link on my blog, so not sure if you tried earlier and it wasn't there (it was broke for a bit), but go ahead and give it another shot. It should be working now.

glor said...

That's quite a cast of characters and oh so very cute! Bet they don't last long once they hit the craft fair circuit.