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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Re-useable Swiffer Pad Covers in my Etsy Shop

Why pay for expensive disposable pads for your sweeper when you can purchase one Reusable pad for the same price as only 16 disposable pads?

Made of 100% cotton, this pad is for a 10x4-1/2 inch sweeper and costs only $15.00 + shipping. Will make to fit the sweeper that you have for $1.00 extra, contact me for more information, cost, and color choice.

Will make in color/s of your choice, in either all Cotton or with a Cotton pad & synthetic top. PM me for colors available.

Advantages of a Reusable pad:

** Costs less - one pad will last for a long time. I have been using mine for over a year and it's still working perfectly.

** Excellent for dry or wet use. Mops as well as sweeps. Good for all types of non-carpeted floors.

** Washable - wash cold, lay fat to dry. No adding to trash dumps. You may wash cold and dry on low heat, but this may cause some shrinkage.

** You may color coordinate to your likes.  Bottom will always be 100% cotton, but top may be made of synthetic yarn and in any color of your choice.

** Less trash going to the landfill.

** Works equally well dry or wet.

** No chemicals when wet mopping if you use a mixture of White Vinegar and water. Added Benefit of vinegar & water solution are; vinegar disinfects as you mop; cleans grease and grime; And Vinegar removes odors.

** Ecologically sound. No trees killed to make this pad, and it is biodegradable when discarded after it's long usage.

Paired with my Broomstick Duster

which is in another Etsy ad, you can dust mop or wet mop, and get those pesky cobwebs that appear overnight in the ceiling corners.

Or choose the complete set of Swiffer pad, duster, and dish scrubbie set.

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Ann said...

What a great idea!