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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I usually forget WIP Wednesday, but today I made it barely in time~

I'm crocheting some wrist warmer, hat, and cowl sets.  Using a washable wool/acrylic blend for them and they are soooo soft.  One set is finished, but I need to find a mannequin to borrow for a photo shoot to get photos of them.  Another set is underway but going slowly, as I am having to figure out how I did the first hat and write the pattern down as I go.

I'm using this pattern from Bella Crochet to make the white wristers and the mobius cowl.  The hat will be from my own pattern.

Also just finished another pair of wristers and a different set for our DIL.  At least crochet keeps me busy and off the streets, with the price of gas getting so high, yarn seems a bargain! ~LOL~

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