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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Item in my shops - Cell Phone Pouches

These are now on sale in my Etsy shop and my YardSellr shops. Or may be purchased by contacting me at

At my email address I can accept Pay Pal only.

Over the shoulder Cellular Phone pouch.
Pouch fits most cellular phones as is, with a strap that is worn cross-shoulder. Each Pouch Is Made To Order: For a quote, send the following information
1) Size of cell phone (height, width, thickness)
2) Length of strap desired
3) Color/s desired
4) Flower or no flower
5) If an Animal Pouch is desired, include type of animal ($12.00) plus shipping
6) PO'ed Pecker Pouch (like Angry Birds) is also extra ($15.00) plus shipping

To purchase, after confirming via email with request, I will send an invoice to you from Pay Pal. After payment is received, pouch will be mailed within one week.

~Thank you for looking~

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