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Monday, February 20, 2012

What do you do when Life gets in your way?

What do you do when Life gets in your way?  I brood, crochet, and watch stupid movies on TV.  For the past few days that's all I've done, mostly brood while watching those stupid movies. If you have never seen the movie "Second Sight" and like silly, stupid, yet very funny movies, give it a try.

For Saint Patrick's Day I made a cell phone pouch with a 4-leaf clover, and I'll use that one all month in March.  Maybe I also need a white pouch with a bunny face, ears, and tail?
And have made a couple of children's hats, one Minnie Mouse and one Mickey Mouse hat.  No photos of those yet. 

Crocheting helps keep my hands busy when my mind won't focus on Life and the normal things that need doing.  Therapy comes in many forms~ ~ ~ 

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