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Monday, July 7, 2008

Cats, Amigurumi, and Laundry Day

These are our two fur-babies, Lady & Lucy.
I crocheted the round bed they are laying in and at the time it was a project bag for me!
But as you can see, with the sides rolled down, it makes a dandy place for them to snooze in front of the window in my craft room.
Today is Laundry Day~ WhooHoo! Don't you just love laundry day? I guess it could be worse though, it could be Mop The Floor Day~
Hubby was feeling nauseated this morning before he left for work, so I won't cook supper until he gets home, or calls from work to tell me if he is any better and can eat. I'd rather he felt well and I had to start cooking early, but since he doesn't and I can't help him by worrying, I may as well enjoy my afternoon by vegging & crocheting~
If you like Amigurumi, and like cats, check out this lady's pattern.
I have put that one on my Do-Soon list. Not to be confused with my Finish All WIP or WIM lists. They are quite long all by theirselves.
But we eat at a Chinese restaurant when we can, and the people who own it are wonderful, caring people. So I want to make it very soon, and if it turns out looking as good as hers, I want to give it to them.
The dryer just buzzed, so I have to get the next load on to dry and another on to wash~ I always get behind in everything when hubby has a 3-day weekend.
I hope you have a good Monday and a terrific week!

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