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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Purse & Amigurumi egg projects

Today I am working on three projects, Amigurumi eggs, a pair of socks, and a shoulder bag/purse.

The eggs are just for fun. I give them to children, if their parents say that it's Ok. They are fun to make, and are cute little critters~ The egg on the back row, with a chick peeking out, is a 3-parter - the chick, and the egg in two sections.

The purse is for me. I can't find one like I want, so had planned to make one myself. Then I joined a contest, a fun contest not one that you dread competing in, to crochet purses and/or socks.

Guess I need to get another photo of the bag, because you can't really see the colors in this shot. But the eggs are in the bottom half of an egg carton, so you have a good idea of how large it will be.

This is a photo of the socks that I will be making. This pair went to my sister, but the new pair will be mine! Maybe~ After making the current pair, I plan to try a toe-up pattern. These are worked from the top down. They feel good, and wear well, but I want to try different patterns until I find the "perfect" pattern for me. Then I'll have to find the same for hubby, and I'll be making socks for our cooler weather wear~

I never knew how much better hand made socks felt over store bought socks until I did that first pair in late '07.

Hey, I hear a cup of hot Earl Gray tea calling my name~ So I'm off to sip that while crocheting a bit~

I hope all of us have a happy, pain free, and creative day today!

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