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Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Amigurumi & Finger Puppets

You might notice that there are more Amigurumi and Finger Puppets on our entertainment center now. My daughter has chosen the 8 that will go to her grandchildren, so they are missing. Of course I've replaced them with more. Actually there are more now than when I snapped this photo~

If you are wondering why so many, they will be going to the local chapter of the Elks Club, to be distributed along with the Christmas Baskets that they give out at Christmas, to those families who cannot afford to buy gifts for their children, or food for their tables.

This is a photo of what makes up one Finger Puppet, except for the 'basket' with a handle. The little cup is one that holds Sugarless Crystal Light powder. It's rather obvious what the pill bottle is~:o) I crochet around the little cup, to make a sort of base for the FP, and slip the FP over the pill bottle, then sit it inside the base.

Here is the FP and its base;

And here is the finished project.

They are very easy to make, take very little yarn, and will make a child happy. Won't you join me in making them for children who need a tiny friend?