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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

S. L. O. W. Crocheting Year So Far

Have you ever hit a 'slump' in your favorite hobby/pastime?  Every now and then, I hit a slump where I simply can't crochet . . .  And it's horrible!  I miss doing it, and want to do it, but just can't sit still or concentrate enough to manage.

A very nice lady (whom I do not know at all) ordered a Piggy Cell Phone Pouch this past Saturday. Aaaaaargh!  I've been in this slump since January and did not think to remove the finished items from my Etsy store . . . .

So I bit the bullet, got out the yarn and hooks, and got going on it.  It was not easy, and I had to do it in many many short sessions.  About ten minutes was all I could stand to sit 'n crochet at a time.  But it is done, and in the mail as of late yesterday afternoon~  Yay!

This is him/it.  Hopefully she will like it Ok.

It's not proven yet, but it may have shaken me from the slump.  At least I am now working on an Angry Bird scarf for a great-nephew in Arizona.  We're mailing a box out there Friday, and I wanted the scarf to go in along with the two hats for his Mom and Grandmother. 

So, howz your week shaping up?  If my crocheting urge continues, my week is Great!