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Friday, July 15, 2011

Alley Cats

Just got photos of the first FO from the pattern Alley Cats from Stripey Blue at Etsy -
Stripey Blue at Etsy

Here is the trash can that's in the Alley -
 And here is a cat, peeking out of the trash can -
 Lastly, here is the kitten, hoping for a fishie to eat -
Cute and very easy to make.  Check out her shop, she has some great patterns!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What am I working on now?

Have you read any of the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey?  The series of books are about human-kind who have settled on a planet that they named Pern.  Dragons live there, flying, fire-breathing dragons!  They are empathetic with humans and bond, one dragon to one human for life.   There are also fire lizards there, a much, much smaller version of the dragons. 

What on earth does this have to do with what I am crocheting?  Or are you already there?

Using a pattern from Lucy Ravenscar's Etsy store and a beautiful metallic gold yarn, I am crocheting her Dragonet pattern to crochet a gold Queen Fire Lizard.  Clara, of the Etsy store 6060 hand-painted special eyes for the Fire Lizards.  And they are beautiful, perfect for them! 

When the first (I am making two) of the dragons is finished I will post photos of her.  But until then, here is Lucy Ravenscar's photo from her Etsy store - - -

I had to put off starting work on them last month, due to an emergency appendectomy.  My appendix was not far from bursting, and had "oozed" a bit.  I was very lucky to have gotten in when I did, and to have great doctors and nurses.  They "mopped up" well before closing, then pumped me full of 3 types of antibiotics for four days.  So now, except for a sore hand where the last IV was, and still getting tired a bit too quickly, I'm "all better now" as our kids used to say.

So now, after making hamsters by the dozens, I've now moved onward and upward to crocheting beautiful golden Dragons~ ~ ~