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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Special - Crochet Bloodshot Eyeball Hackey Sack Pattern

My Bloodshot Eyeball pattern is on sale for $2.00 in my Etsy shop.  It's a big hit with kids all year round, but especially at this time of year.

My Etsy Shop:

After October 31 the price will go back up to $5.00 for the pattern.

At the moment, I'm taking time off from the Christmas gifts I should be making, to crochet some Brain Suckers from this Etsy shop -

It is working up super fast, and is cute.  I plan to give them to kids that I see while we are out & about at places where we have to sit & wait for a while. 

It's fun to give crochet critters to children that are strangers.  I pick the ones that are trying to behave, but having a hard time maintaining that adult demenor.  Heck, I have a hard time doing it, so it's gotta be more difficult for a kid, right?

Hope you are having a good start to the month of October, and on your Christmas gift making & shopping~