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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith

I have just finished reading the most marvelous book.  Primarily it centers on the fact that women don't have to be "physically beautiful" or "perfect" to be a beautiful woman.  All it takes is confidence in yourself, and inner goodness.

The stars of the book are Cathy, a sucessful and beautiful actress who was severely burned & scarred in a vehicular accident.  Thomas, a man who was emotionaly & mently scarred when he lost his wife and son in 9/11.  A goat named Banger who has a hunger for cell phones.  And two adorable little girls in need of stability and love.  And least, but certainly not least, Delta, the lady who owns the Crossroads Cafe.

And the story takes place in the mountains of North Carolina, and written as though by a woman who grew up there.

Here are two quotes from near the end of the book'

“Everything in life leads us where we’re supposed to go. It’s not always easy to see our destination in the middle of a journey.”

“The Lard cooks in mysterious ways.” Delta's motto.

The Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith found on Amazon

A wonderful read, and I plan to read many more books by Deborah Smith~

Snow in Georgia? Time for hot tea and crochet~

When it is cold enough to snow in southern Georgia, it is time to stay home, heat up the kettle, keep the hot tea coming, and crochet all day!

This is my current project -

Mine is in blue Lion Suede.  What a delicious yarn!  I love working with it, and it feel awesome. 

If I had known how much I'd love it, I would have bought a LOT more than I did while Michaels had it on sale for $1.99 a skein.  A LOT more!

The pattern for the Cowl can be found here;

I started it yesterday and it's over half finished.  So I'll be able to wear it the next time I have to go off in this weather!