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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spiderman Fan's Afghan

If you have gotten the pattern more than just a few days ago, but have not yet begun to make the afghan, please go back to the pattern here on my blog to see if there are updates you should have.

Due to so many questions from people about certain aspects of the pattern, I have altered some of the wording to help make it easier to understand, and have added a few "notes" for things that are not the same on a round ripple as on a square/rectangular ripple afghan.

And as always, if you have any problems or questions about it, you can reach me at
Stitch_n_Frog  at  mchsi  dot  com

Happy Hooking!


Tonya Gunn said...

This is great! I know my Abraham would love this. Thank you so much for your kind words today:)

Unknown said...

On suggested color pattern that you have I am seeing that you have more red rows then what is in the picture, is that an error, and how do you care on with the color pattern,

Stitch 'n Frog said...

The Spidey'ghan pictured is not the one that I wrote the pattern as it was made, and each one that I make has different color-count and black round placements.

I encourage everyone who writes me, to make the red and blue rounds the width they want, and to add the black "web" rounds when they think one should go in. That makes each afghan personal and their own.

Unknown said...

Okay, this is driving me NUTS. I got the red color right but cannot for the life of me find a blue, even in Red Heart that works. I can't get any color that is close to it locally so I am going to order it. Can you give me an idea as to which blue was used? I even went to other yarn brands trying to get it right and just can't. Thank you!!

Unknown said...

This is wnonderful! My grandson's a great fan, he will absolutely love it!

Unknown said...

Love this were can i get. The. Pattern?

Unknown said...

Love this were can i get. The. Pattern?

frenesi said...

Hi not sure if this thread is still active, Im just a beginner in crocheting and cant really understand written patterns I would dearly love to Crochet this spiderman blanket for my special needs grandson, but I really dont understand is there maybe a video of instructions?