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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flying Fairy Princess is finished!

The Flying Fairy Princess hat has been finished.  Would you believe that I have a second one over half-finished now?  ROFLMBO!    It is going much quicker and easier now that I'm not as stressed as I was while working on the first hat.

Pardon the way I look in the photo  - - not enough rest and too much stress can do that to a person.  But maybe the hat will take your gaze away from me.  At least I sure hope so!

These photos give a better view of the face.

The flower below the pompom is partially hidden, but they are cute.  I did change the pink yarn that is securing the braids in these photos.  Should have done it prior to the photos, but did not even notice until the pictures were taken and downloaded.

The Flying Fairy Princess Hat is by Fussy Gussy Baby 

Look at the pattern that will soon be available at Little Owl's Hut  or at Little Owl's Hut at Ravelry

And Her other patterns are equally wonderful! It is too cute for words. Here's a photo of it - - -  
As soon as it hit's her store, I'm going to get that one too!  I have most of their patterns now, but have not been able to work on them.  But very soon they will be my main projects to get done!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm not suppose to be here . . . .

I'm not suppose to be here, blogging, today.  I am suppose to be putting the fnishing touches on a hat for a client.  This adorable hat -
It's from Fussy Gussy and the pattern is not hard, it's just me~

For some reason, it is kicking my butt!  Granted sometimes I need a good swift kick in the butt to get me moving, but this darling hat is really beating me badly!  I am using the same colors that Fussy Gussy used, and it is just too cute for words.  Maybe when it's done I can make more of them without cringing at the thought, but I think I'll take a break for a little while . . . maybe~

Granted I had to take time out to make a set of Counting Fish since the lady pre-paid, but this hat should have been finished ages ago.  I am planning to get it off to it's new home this week.  Maybe I can get hubby to buy me a pecan waffle breakfast on Friday after getting his INR (blood thickness test) if I get the hat done and ready to mail . . . Those waffles are Yummy!