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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Geeze! It's been over a year

It has been over a year since I was last on here. Amazing...

I hope to put a few more patterns up soon. I want to put all that I've done on here for free use.

In July the doctor found a lump in my breast, that turned out to be cancer. I hope everyone will stay up to date on their mammograms! That is what saved me. They performed a lumpectomy or partial-mastectomy and were able to get all of it. It had not spread to my lymph nodes, and subsequent tests were good, so no chemo. I did have radiation treatments for over a month. They are finished, but I'm still not over the side effects. Hopefully in another month I will be back up to par and able to crochet again.

Many have used my Spidey'ghan pattern, and I am asking you all to have your annual mammogram. They are not fun to have, but one might save your life as it did mine! For which I am very grateful and thankful.

Many hugs to everyone. Keep on hooking and enjoy Life!