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Friday, October 14, 2011

This girl will go far in life!

A while back I got an Etsy PM from a teenage girl, asking if I would give her one of my crocheted dogs for her little brother, for free. In return she said that she would make a video showing the dog and telling who made it.

I could not resist her attitude and enterprise.  So of course I send one to her.

Well, the video is up, it’s HERE if you want to watch it.

She’s a really cute girl and with her brains & go-get-em attitude, I think she’ll go far in life. So go see what all Jessica has on her You Tube account. She may have reviewed something you would like too~

The blue dog in this photo is the one I sent to her.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Do you wear hats?  I'm not a big hat person, but recently found one that I really do like . . .
What do you think?  It's different, right?  And rather cheerfully colored, right?  Who doesn't want to have a dead fish on their head?  And if I want to hide, I can just pull the hat down over my face~

There are patterns on the net for both knit and crochet Dead Fish hats~
I plan to take a few to the gig at Agrirama next month, in case one or two might sell~:o)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I had forgotten about this incident

I had forgotten this incident until someone in Ravelry commennted on it today.  This happened on January 7, 2010 - - -

While waiting to see the doctor y'day, an older lady in a wheelchair came in. She sat in the same waiting room and was enthralled with our crocheting.  My daughter was there with me, and was also crocheting.

     After watching from across the room, and commenting on our work for a while, she wheeled over to us so we could chat better, and so she could touch our yarn. She loved the Lion Suede and the cowl-hood.

     Not long before I was called back, I had gotten too warm so removed my neckwarmer, and began folding it to put in my GoBag with the matching hat. She thought it was beautiful so I let her feel its yarn. It is in Amore, so is also very soft and touchable.

     As I completed folding it, she asked if I ever made sets like that to sell. I finished folding it & the hat as I told her that I don't (a small fib) but that I do give things away, and handed it to her. She was stunned by the gift and wanted to pay me for it. Well, in my world, you don't pay for things that are freely given to you, so I told her that with smiles and a gentle touch.

     Before we left the office, she asked for my number & address. And this morning she called me to tell me again how much she appreciated it, and said that after she got home, she held the set and cried over the kindness of a stranger.

We are always repaid for kindness.  The more kindness we give freely away, the more kindness comes out way.  Give a little kindness, RAK a stranger today~
RAK = Random Acts of Kindness