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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Year is Almost Here

Only two days left in 2012!  I remember how as a child it was very difficult for me to remember that it was 1950, not 1949.  Wow!  How time flies!  You should enjoy every day of your Life, because time passes so very fast and before you know it, you will feel the same way about your long-gone childhood.

So what's going to be on your table on New Year's Day?  We'll have our traditional meal - Blackeye peas, rice, greens, and cornbread, with a apple pie/cake & ice cream for desert.  That Christmas ham will season the beans, and do it deliciously.  One of the main reasons we always have a ham at Christmas, is for the blackeye peas on New Years!  LOL~

I finished a test pattern for a Sock Monkey hat this week.  Isn't it cute?  It's by Tammy Harder.

I hope you have a good New Year's Eve and Day and that the new year brings happiness and good health to you and yours~

Monday, December 24, 2012

The world did not end on 12-21-12, so let's all have a wonderful holiday season and new year! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Goals for 2013 - What are yours?

Jen, at Everyday Life and Leisure made me realize that it IS time to make my Goals for 2013.  I gave up making New Year's Resolutions ages ago, when I realized they usually led to my feeling bad for not keeping them.  Instead I changed to setting Goals that I hoped to reach.  I don't always reach them, but I do not feel like a failure.

With that in mind, here are some of my Goals for 2013;

Well, my Goals for 2013 include, but definitely are not limited to . . . .

1) Make several dozen Amigurumi to give to children at the Wiregrass Christmas Celebration.  Georgia Museum of Agriculture

2) Socks! I hope to crochet at least a half-dozen pairs of socks for myself, and one pair for hubby to see if he likes them too.

3) Crochet the Lantern Pullover sweater that my dear friend Jennifer gave me yarn for.

4) Learn to needle felt, and make 5 cats, one each for my daughter, a friend at the Agrirama, my son & DIL, another friend, and myself. I ordered a kit from Nancy's Notions, so maybe it will happen~

Crochet sets of Little Dress and Little Britches dishcloths to sell at the Wiregrass Christmas - this time WITH the poem.
Stitch 'n Frog blogspot

Crochet hats and squares for those who need them.

Crochet more hat/cocoon and hat/blanket sets for our local hopsital for the Preemies and Preemie Angels.
And the last crochet Goal is to crochet all of the critters in this store - Little Owl's Hut 
I think this might be the first one I make :
Isn't he a Darling?  I just love him!  But then I love ALL of her patterns~

Last for this list, but certainly NOT least! Is to learn to cook healthier meals. After all, at 68 I really do need to cook better meals for us. My body isn't as young and resiliant as it once was~ LOL 

A Wild Yarn Gal in Etsy

Do you need something embroidered, Beautifully embroidered, by a Pro?  This Wild Yarn Gal is the one you should contact.
Just look at the beautiful wall hanging she made~
And if you want this sweater, you had better be VERY FAST because not only is it hand knit, it is priced way below the going market price.

This is her Etsy Store addy - A Wild Yarn  But be quick, her prices are amazingly low!  And trust me, the low price does not reflect in shoddy work!  I have some of her work and it is top notch!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wiregrass Christmas Celebration 2012

What a wonderful day you missed if you were not at the Agrirama yesterday!  The weather was lovely, the people attending were too!  Those of us who stayed all day and demonstrated had a great time, at least I sure did!

Agrirama Wiregrass Christmas at the Museum

You can see a LOT of photos at their site, of this and previous events out there.  At this point there are none of myself or of Wendy, maybe later? 

This is one that Wendy snapped with her cell phone -
Being at the Agrirma and having her snap a photo with her cell phone, is rather ironic. At the time the village is set in, even a telephone in the house was rare and they sure couldn't take photos!

The hallway we sat in to crochet is the "dog trot".  It is a hallway that is open on each end, to allow air to travel through to cool the house in summer.  With gates on the room doors, you could open the door to the dog trot to allow the hot air to escape, while keeping the dogs out. 

There were a group of musicians on the front porch, playing a variety of songs, Christmas, childrens, country, all sorts of songs.  And a lady whose voice is truly incredable sang along with them.

Another lady, Ms Cody, was in the kitchen cooking biscuits & sausage gravy on a wood stove.  Talk about delicious!  Yum!  You could have your biscuit with gravy or with site made cane syrup. Right beside the house was the cane press and syrup making shed.  You could also get a small cup of fresh cane juice to drink.  Oh how I loved snitching cane juice to drink when I was a child.  My grandfather's press was just like the one they have at the Agrirama, and lots of neighbors brought their cane over for grinding in it.

If you ever want to see the late 1800 early 1900 times in action, come visit the Agrirama.